Optimum connectivity to emergency services

Iridium 9555 price have captured the world with a bang. People in all walks of life have some reason or the other to buy or at least rent these phones. The main reasons for the preference of these phones over cellular phones are the optimum connectivity of its network and its cheap calling rates.

With a satellite phone in hand, you can not only plot your travelling route, others can also quickly and accurately locate you if and when you are involved in an accident or emergency. This is possible because no matter which country you are in within the satellite coverage area, you are connected to the same satellite network. It thus means you don’t have to bear the burden of roaming implications as you do with cellular phones.

Provides security to the victim and their families

It is mainly because of these features that the satellite system and phones are so important and widely used in providing emergency services. These phones provide the emergency communication required between emergency services, the accident victims and the emergency base in events where the local phone systems and mobile communication do not work because of damage to the local towers.

In such situations, satellite phone systems provide a sense of security to the individuals and family as even if the local phone systems do not work, these phones continue working in all conditions. This is why the government and public emergency service agencies are the major users of these satellite phones.

A phone number starting with your country code

The coverage of these phones are not limited to only the US, but to other countries like Australia and Europe too. Once you get yourself a phone like Iridium 9555 or accessories-1/leather-holster-for-9555 the phone company gives you a normal phone number that starts with your country code. You can then use this phone to make and receive calls with the same number and call package no matter where you are located.

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