Iridium 9575 Beam Lite Dock Extreme – The Best Accessory to Stay Connected

iridium Extreme 9575 is the latest addition to the satellite phone family. The market of this phone in Australia is on the upsurge right from the time it has hit the market as it features a built in GPS tracking system. With the help of this, it can offer excellent coverage even in polar regions and SOS button. You can make it more functional if you choose the right kind of accessory.

Benefits of Iridium 9575 Beam Lite Dock Extreme:

The explorer-700-antenna-cable-qn-tnc-10-m is an all purpose dock that can be used for fixed site applications, maritime or transport uses. It supports the SOS services found in this handset at all locations. The easy lock feature that has click mechanism fits snugly and you can insert or remove your satellite phone at the touch of a button. This dock is specifically built to enable you access the GPS facility that is inbuilt in the phone and make voice calls using the hands free jack at the side. This Iridium 9575 Beam Lite Dock Extreme also includes USB data port, integrated antenna and phone charging ability. You can also keep the antenna cables to stay connected with this docking station permanently.

Features of Lite Dock Extreme:

•    Specifically built to hold Iridium 9575 satellite phone•    RAM mount system•    External GPS antenna•    External Iridium antenna•    Supports SOS and GPS tracking•    Charges the handset faster•    Easy to install•    Input: 12 V / 110 or 240 V•

Warranty: 24 months

Types of interfaces:

•    USB Data Port: USB Mini B 5 pin (female) or USB slave•    Iridium Antenna with Power Cable: The inner socket of the antenna cable supports the power jack of handset with 3 mm measurement.•    TNC female connector cable• 3.3 V DC GPS Antenna Connector with SMA female

This portable hands free docking station is a cost effective way to make your Iridium 9575 satellite phone very efficient as well as functional and helps you stay connected even from remote locations.


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