Why Campers and Hikers Should Use Satellite Phones

Cell phones are becoming more and more advanced and march forward with an air of pride. Remember the old brick-like phone a couple of decades ago, which can do only voice calls and text messages? Nowadays cell phones have evolved so much that, they function more like a pocket-sized computer than a phone. With the inbuilt internet capability they also act as a good navigation device – thanks to Google Maps and GPS.

However advanced they may seem smart phones almost become useless when there is no cell phone tower in range. If you are a regular camper or a hiker, you can’t do much with your Android or iPhone when there is no signal in your so called smart phone. The best you can do is crush candies or launch birds towards green pigs.

This is why campers and hikers alike carry 1200-pelican-case for Iridium 9555 or Iridium 9575 with them. Campers these days are safe and can always keep in touch with their loved ones or make emergency calls if they are in trouble. The following are some of the reasons to buy a satellite phone if you are an adventurer.

– Stay Connected Everywhere

A satellite phone has the ability to connect to a registered group of satellites. So when you are in the wilderness and would like to make a call, the signal is transferred to the closest orbiting satellite. The satellite then connects to the ground station and the call is connected to the destination. Thus, you will be able to makes calls or send messages to anyone no matter where you are.

– Rugged

These phones are engineered to take all the abuse of camping and hiking. This makes them very reliable and even act as a critical lifeline when you are in a grave situation.

– Compact

Most of the satellite phone might look ugly and bulky, but there are certain phones like the 9575-adapter-with-charging-or-data-connection-only, and Isatphone Pro models which are powerful yet compact. These handsets are easy to use and can go wherever your fervor takes you.

– Features

A lot of the latest satellite phones sold in the market come with a great number of features. Most of the phones come with messaging, voice calls, speaker phone and also might have a USB port.

A satellite phone can be a considerable investment, however, it has the ability to do something that your normal cell phone can’t do, connect you to your loved ones no matter where you are.

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